REDFOX switches to Unity

Change is in the air at REDFOX HQ! On 12 September we heard from Marmalade (the cross-platform middleware we've been using for months) that they will no longer be supporting the Marmalade Platform from March 2017. We made the decision that day to move to Unity middleware.

Earlier in 2016 we build a simple Coin Flip app, with analytics and advertising, and published it to the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.  This was to prove our tool chain. We decided to use the same approach to validate using Unity.  By 23 September, we'd completed our new Unity Coin Flip app, with analytics and advertising - but also with localisation (English, Spanish, Russian, Philippines) of text and graphics, cloud build, and Unity's new Collab source control replacing our SVN source control.

Unity and C# are easier to develop in, have tons of online resources to learn from, and are widely used in New Zealand and the wider game industry.  Although using Unity does have an impact on install sizes and performance, the team is positive about the change. After our two-week re-tool and learning sprint, we're back into production of our upcoming titles.