Studio News - June 2017

Solitaire Classic

I'm really pleased to give a heads up that Solitaire Classic is set for soft launch on the New Zealand Google Play Store at the end of June.  Other regions and platforms to follow after a few weeks in soft launch.

We are using GameSparks back end for daily challenge, winning deals, leaderboards, and player profile data.  Working with them now on the go-live process.


Pixeljima™ 1942

A vertical scrolling shooter inspired by the classic Midway 1942 arcade game from the 1980's.  Six levels are built and the next piece of work is on being able to fly different aircraft with various upgrade options.

It is intentionally quite difficult - I can't make it past the start of stage 4 without upgrades. 

We have two game play experiments to try; a "panic start" to get the player into immediate action, and a "reaction finish" where the play needs to pull the eject lever after getting hit before crashing to save some of their progress.


Nakomo™ Kingdom TD

The graphics for the demo are done, and a proof of concept spike is running.  Completing the demo build is in the development queue.  Meanwhile, you can check out Kingdom: New Lands to get a sense of the game play style.

We will release on Steam via the Steam Direct process once it is ready.