It all started when...

In the early 80's I was at home sick and unable to attend school for two weeks.  My uncle brought over a computer, a Radioshack TRS-80, to keep me entertained.  I soon grew curious about how the computer worked and set about teaching myself programming and started making games.  Initially text based games, adventure games, and vertical ascii-based downhill skiing, moving on to side scrolling graphical shooters like Penetrator type games.

Later I had a Spectravideo 328 and an Atari 520 STE before getting my first Intel x86 machine.  Floppy disk via the Spectravideo expansion was amazing, because random access meant I could dynamically load levels and create more interesting games.  This allowed me to do copies of 80's classic games like Solomon's Key and Load Runner.

Many years later (after a career in corporate IT) I found myself working at Sidhe (now Pik Pok) as a senior/lead developer on a Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii title.  I also did some time in academia leading a Bachelor of Software Engineering programme specialising in game programming.

After again returning to the corporate world for a while, and running some other businesses, it became clear to me that building my own game business was in my blood. One of my lessons from other businesses was that I should work in the business full time.  Thus REDFOX was born.

- Stephen McIntyre, REDFOX Founder